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Advantages of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

August 15, 2014

Spaying and neutering your pet isn’t just about avoiding an unwanted litter of puppies or kittens—although it’s great for that, too! Getting your pet fixed is one of the best things you’ll ever do for your pet’s health. Learn why below from San Jose vet.

Preventing Cancer

The risk of genital cancers in pets is eliminated once they’re spayed or neutered, and other diseases, such as breast cancer and uterine infections in females, are far less likely to develop. Plus, it’s cost effective—managing or treating these diseases is expensive, and the cost of the simple spaying or neutering procedure is miniscule in comparison.

Improving Behavior

Pets that aren’t spayed or neutered are much more likely to exhibit behavior problems, like spraying in the house, biting, running away, chewing, and more. This is especially likely in unneutered males. Save yourself the hassle and cost of correcting these undesirable behaviors by having your pet fixed.

Reduce Roaming

When an unfixed male pet reaches the age of sexual maturity, they’ll stop at nothing to find a female mate. This means they might escape from enclosures, jump fences, chew through doors, or dig holes in the yard in an attempt to get out. By getting your pet fixed, you’re eliminating this insatiable mating urge and greatly lowering the chances of your pet getting hurt or lost.

Preventing Female Heat

When cats enter the feline breeding season, an un-spayed female will go into heat every couple of weeks. In this stage, they’ll be loud, whining, aggressive, and will probably urinate outside of the litter box. Avoid this stage entirely by having your female cat spayed!

Controlling Pet Population

Don’t forget about the broader scope. Spaying and neutering is essential for controlling the population of unwanted pets. Each year, millions of animals wind up homeless because there simply aren’t enough homes or animal shelters to take them in. Don’t contribute to the problem—get your pet spayed or neutered early on in life.

If your pet needs the procedure performed, make an appointment with your San Jose veterinarian. It’s quick, inexpensive, and incredibly beneficial to you and your pet!