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How to Exercise Your Pet Indoors

July 15, 2014

Is it unbearably hot outside? Perhaps it’s storming heavily. Sometimes, it’s simply easier to stay indoors to exercise your pet. Try these fun methods from a San Jose veterinarian the next time you’re staying in to get your pet some physical activity.

Move Games Inside

Classic pet games like fetch and tug-of-war don’t only have to played in the backyard. If you have the space, try moving these games indoors to a basement room. Move aside all valuables and breakables to give you and your pet room to romp. Also check the toys you’re using to make sure they don’t have small, breakable pieces.

Use the Stairs

Stairs make a great exercise tool, and they come built-in to just about every home! Stand at the top of the staircase with your pet’s favorite toy or a treat. Call your pet to you, having them run up the stairs for their reward, then switch positions. It’ll be great exercise and will even utilize muscles that aren’t used for daily walking.

Use the Hallway

Move any breakable items out of your hallway and try using it as a pet run. While you and your pet stand at one end, toss a ball, toy, or treat down the hall and watch your pet go scrabbling after it. Several revolutions of this will have your pet working up a sweat! Of course, stop as soon as your pet seems tired or winded.

Laser Lights

Many pets love chasing after a laser light, trying in vain to catch it. These are available at retail stores and pet supply shops, and often shine a light in the shape of an insect or small critter. Wherever you direct the light, your pet will go after it in a mad dash. Just be sure to avoid shining the light in your pet’s eyes, though, as repeated exposure could cause retinal damage.


Include a few family members on this indoor activity. Have each person take a pet treat and go to various corners of the house. With your pet in a central location, have one person at a time call your pet. Now it’s a fun game of hide-and-seek as your pet tries to find each treat. He’ll be getting great exercise while doing so!

Ask your San Jose veterinarian for more fun indoor exercise ideas and tips.