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Inhaled Pet Poisons

April 01, 2014

As a pet owner, you probably take great care to have your furry friend avoid topical poisons, like cleaning solutions, as well as swallowed poisons, such as toxic food or pest control products. Don’t forget about a third poisoning danger: the inhaled variety. Learn more here from a Cambrian veterinarian.

What Are Some Common Inhaled Poisons?

Dangerous fumes can come from a variety of sources. If you use insecticides or fertilizers on your lawn and garden, the particles in the air can affect your pet. Household cleaning solutions like bleach and ammonia also give off fumes. Even backyard pools or hot tubs can present an inhaled poisoning danger, either from the chlorine or various chemicals used in cleaning.

Regular smoke is another common inhaled danger. Campfires, burn piles, or any type of fire will give off plenty of smoke, which can harm a pet very quickly. Certain equipment also presents a risk, especially items that give off carbon monoxide—propane heaters, grills, and older cars without catalytic converters are just a few possible offenders.

I Think My Pet Has Been Poisoned. What Do I Do?

If you suspect your pet has inhaled a poisonous agent, you must act quickly. In severe cases, you may need to induce artificial respiration and perform CPR at home, before you transport your pet to the vet’s office. Consult your vet for a demonstration.

After initial treatment, rush your pet to your Cambrian veterinary emergency room. Have the vet’s phone number on hand to call while en route.

Can I Prevent Inhaled Poisoning?

Obviously, preventing an inhaled poisoning episode is far easier than treating one. Be proactive about keeping your pet away from anything that might give off toxic fumes. While cleaning, keep pets safely secured elsewhere. Keep your pet inside if you’re spraying chemicals on your lawn or garden, and regularly service old equipment that might give off carbon monoxide. Keep your pet indoors if you’re burning trash or building a campfire outside.